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Fangyuanshenli 6#(for herbicide)


Suitable for herbicide and plant growth regulator. It is composed of natural non-ionic surfactant, anionic surfactant, etc. It has favorable wetting property, adhesive power and it can reduce surface strength of target body. 
Dosage: 2-3%.

Experimental result in corn field after the herbicide adding 6# Fangyuanshenli

Experimental Treatment (g/mu) Total weeds Control efficiency (%) Digitaria sanguinalis Setaria viridis Purslane Japanese bearbind
4% Nicosulfuron suspending agent50 94 59.5 54 25 11 4
4% Nicosulfuron suspending agent 50+Fangyuan 6# 15 93.5 5 3 3 4

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